Comprehensive medicine sourcing services adhering to international quality standards


We recognise that we operate in a complex global regulatory environment, and remain committed to complying with all relevant practices and standards as set out by the pharmaceutical industry.

Safety is of paramount importance to us and we maintain strict compliance to all safety regulations


We offer comprehensive medicine sourcing services whilst adhering to international quality standards.

Akesa does this through:

  • — An extensive qualification and on-boarding process
  • — A validated global network of suppliers and partners
  • — A commitment to quality and ensuring compliance with the global regulatory environment
  • — Managing the entire process via a dedicated project team
  • — Complete traceability and transparency through the supply chain.


  • — Akesa Pharma is licensed by the Department of Health, VIC, Australia for the sale and supply of pharmaceuticals.
  • — Akesa is undergoing an evaluation of its Quality Systems and aims to have ISO9001 certification by Q4 2017.